Event at St. Mary Protectress Ukrainian Catholic Church
I was invited as a speaker to a Diversitastic Dining Event at St. Mary Protectress Ukrainian Catholic Church.

It was very emotional for me. I should talk about my way as an artist in front of  60 guests plus organizers.
I didn’t make one of those glamor speeches where every world was placed with special rules. I talked about situations in my life that turned me to art. And about my feelings.
I was 7 years old when I read poetry by Taras Shevchenko about his life in slavory. I was absolutely in shok. The idea that somebody can keep a human as a belonging seemed so horrible that I cried.

Thankfully my dad told me what was next. We all know Shevchenko as a poet. But first he was an artist. Russian artists and poets combined efforts and paid for the freedom of this talented boy.
I was a child. Somehow in my mind I decided that my life is worth nothing if I don’t develop a talent.
I didn’t recognise that. The idea just lived itself in my subconscious.

At 9 years old I won an art competition for children.
From age 10 to 14 I studied in art school.
But after that I had never painted. I was sure that I had no talent.
I started to paint again only after emmigration to the USA.
Now I understand that creativity requires freedom.
I became who I am only living in a free country.