I highly believe that all people are talented.
All you need to do is start and try. You will be surprised at how talented you can be.
Art is a very important part of our life. It helps children and their parents build trust and better communication. Creation helps adult people to stay happy. It brings in our life more sense and joy.
Natasha Callahan
Children & paints
2020. Lesson through Skype
For me to teach someone through the internet is extremely challenging. I show how to paint in front of the camera. My student repeats it on another side of the world. She takes pictures of her progress and sends them to me. I look and tell what should be correct. The result exceeded all my expectations.
In this lesson children learned how to create complex drawings. Still life is the most classic theme of painting. To make it look real all details, colors and shadows should be done right. Children did great. Kids again proved how talented they are!
Sonoma desert
This lesson was about painting evening shadows. To make it interesting I chose the idea of Sonoma desert.
Spring chick   
Children like to do the Easter gift for moms. Spring chick.It was bright joyful work.
This painting looks simple, but it contains a lot of layers. I taught children to paint reflection and transparet dragonfly wings. It took them a lot of concentration!
Tropical sunset    
What is sunset? For one person the answer will be the end of the day. But somebody else will tell you that it is the start of the night. You will be surprised if you discuss that topic with your child. Contemporary children have very sophisticated mind and deeply understanding of nature. And of course they are extremely talented. Look at those paintings.
Sea world
Today we studied the sea world and geometric figures. All fishes have different shapes. But you can see in any shape a simple geometric form. For example fish can be like triangles or squares. Or It can have an oval body shape with a triangle tail. For children it was a lot of new and fun to paint underwater life.
What is the most important thing when you teach children? My experience proved that the keyword is interest. Kids hate boring explanations.  Instead I encourage them to use their imagination. The whale is huge. It lives in the water. Children spread their arms wide to the sides, raise their eyes up and show a fountain. When everybody is laughing. Paintings are made in an easy and happy way.
Daisy’s field
Butterflies and flowers are one. In the process of creating a painting we talked about caring for nature.Soon these kids will take care of our world. I am sure they will use all their talents in the best way. 
This group was big. I had no time to take pictures. We painted the Snowmen. We are living in Florida. Some kids could see snow only on TV. But their imagination doesn’t have borders. I am always amazed at how creative children are.
Sailing boat
All boys have dreams about boats, yachts, cars, planes. Those two boys painted a yacht competition. Children's imagination literally brought them into the space of painting. When they play they learn easily. Effortlessly boys learned about different styles of painting, cold and warm colors and their mixing options.
Easter gifts    
This is a creation of Easter baskets. We made plates and rabbits from clay. Clay should be dry before painting. Kids dried their creations under a fan. Of course there was a lot of laughter. The atmosphere of the holiday is what we remember about childhood when we grow up.
Homes with orange trees
In that lesson I taught how to create a fantasy landscape. We painted homes with trees in the shape of oranges. The pictures turned out bright and cheerful.
With this waterfall painting children learned how to draw and paint the perspective. This work is not for beginners. It requires a lot of techniques. The best part of it is seeing how happy kids are when they see what they accompliched.
Gold autumn
Children grow up very fast. What will they remember about time with their parents?
It depends…
But I know for sure this day will be in their memory. When parents and children paint together it is an amazing experience. It is fun, creative and studie same time.
Events like this make us closer to our children and stay in our memory for many years.
Pink flamingo  
Flamingos are one of the most amazing birds in the world. In Florida we can observe them in their natural habitat. Today children found out where these birds live, what they eat. The most interesting question was why do they have such an unusual color.  You should see the sparkles in children’s eyes when they painted those splendid birds.