I'm Natasha Callahan.
Welcome to my site.
I paint Power and Energy. Not just landscape or portrait, but energy behind that. With my paintings I transform space and help people find harmony. The pictures I painted do not just complement the interior, they do not just harmonize it, they can change your life for the better. How?

When I come to any place, I feel its energy, I am filled with emotions. Each place carries its own Power. It can be Beauty, Love, Magic or Alertness, Unknown, Interest etc. Often I cannot even name the nature of this power in words. But I can convey it in the painting.
When other people, seeing my paintings, feel what I wanted to convey, this is the most valuable thing for me. It means that everything worked out!

When my paintings change the space of the house, harmonize it, make the life of people in this house better, this is pure happiness. I have no words for this. Everything is said in my paintings. See, feel, bring harmony and happiness to your home.