My painting on the Longwood Life magazine cover!
November/December 2022

My painting on the magazine cover!

When I got an offer to paint the Historical center of Longwood, I agreed immediately.

I am living in Longwood. I absolutely love Historical Longwood. Every time when I walked there I wanted to make a painting with Victorian style houses.

I admire this ancient architecture.

Plus the painting was for the cover of the Longwood Life magazine!
This is the first magazine with that name! Before it was named another way.
I was invited to a city Commission meeting. Chip Colandreo, the publisher of Longwood Life, and I unveiled the cover.
It was such an emotional moment! Everybody liked the painting! I got a lot of compliments.

Painting was bought for Longwood City Hall.

You can order print or post cards.

The link on the Longwood Life magazine is here.
You can see cover and read article on page 3