Interview for Lake Mary Life magazine
September/October 2022
Interview for Lake Mary Life magazine with reporter Jill Hopes.

That interview was like a birthday gift from the Universe.
On my birthday I was camping in Helen, GA. There are mountains around. Mobile connection doesn’t work.
Of course I wanted to get on the top of the mountain to get the perfect view. My phone rang exactly at the moment when I climbed to the top of the mountain.
It was Jill Hopes, the reporter of Lake Mary Life magazine with the idea of an interview.
I met with Jill when I came back into town.
We spoke about my way as an artist, about Ukraine and my family. Also I showed Jill my home studio, my garden and, of course, my paintings.

The article exceeded all my expectations. Jill put in the words so much love! I feel like she read my feelings and described them better than I was able to do myself.
I was so touched that I cried from emotions.

I thought I couldn't be more happy. But I got one more surprise!
It found out that the article was published also in Altamonte/Wekiva Springs Life magazine!

I suddenly feel like a celebrity !!!
You can read the article on Lake Mary Life magazine website
or Altamonte/Wekiva Springs Life magazine