Lake Mary museum
Opening of 10th Annual Local Artist Exhibition at Lake Mary Museum.
Exhibition will be work at Lake Mary museum 
August 20th-September 24th
I am SO happy!
Exhibition was amazing! Artists, guests and hosts were there. Even David Mealor, the mayor of Lake Mary, visited!
I shouldn’t be surprised, because our mayor is a big supporter of art and charity. But his attention to my painting “Fabulous Lake Mary” was a nice surprise.
I still worry about every one of my new paintings. Is it good enough? Will people like it? Will they take good care of it after they buy it?
 A lot of people couldn’t come because of a big storm.
I am very thankful to the exhibition organizers, sponsors and guests! .
I am grateful to organizers Jane Kenovich and Margaret Baker for such a nice event!
I was also happy, because they took a photo in front of my painting.
That exhibition had such a nice spirit! Last year we still had all these kovid restrictions. Everybody was in masks, no food, no way to come close to each other to speak. Now the exhibition turned into a real celebration. We made it! We came through kovid as the winners.
I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep from all my emotions.
I thought about my life. How different it can be. I am crying almost every day about my poor country Ukraine and at the same time I am so happy with my art and people around me.
Publication in the magazine Lake Mary Life.
November/December 2022
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