Interview for The West Volusia Beacon newspaper
Read the article "Orange City man turns home into a work of art"
on The West Volusia Beacon newspaper by Noah Hertz,
September 5, 2022
Interview for The West Volusia Beacon newspaper
I was surprised when I got an email from reporter Noah Hertz asking me for an interview. He saw my mural in Orange City and decided to write about it.
Of course we met in front of a mural and Noah took a lot of pictures. I did too, because Rick Ewart, owner of the place, made an amazing landscaping around the wall with a mural.
 We spoke with Noach and Rick about the creation of that mural.
After I talked about my path as an artist, about new projects, family, Ukraine. It is very painful for me to touch on the situation in my home country, but it is our reality for now.
Noah told me that I should write a book about my life. I always thought about my life as boring, but when we talked, I suddenly recognized how many adventures I had. Maybe I didn't appreciate it enough, because it was far away from the life of my dreams.
I am still learning to be happy with everyday life. I hope it is not too late.

When the article is published I will share it on my website.