Underwater life.
2022. Mural 13.5’/5.5’ (4.2m/1.7m)
Work in progress.
In a very strange way my mural is attracting wildlife.

This wall is outside the house. This means I am attached to light and weather. After 11am there is too much sun. It is Florida))
One day of my work was completely interrupted by a snake. I moved the block where I installed my computer with pictures and it was right there.
I was So scared!!!
I am so lucky that snake wasn’t under the drop close to where I covered the floor.
I couldn’t let it just go, because the snake could come back again.
I covered it with a plastic container. At noon the snake was taken by professionals. They told me it is a rat snake, a very good one. So they let it live in their garden.
Next was a baby turtle. I have no idea where it came from. It is so thin and the shell is still soft. I snapped a couple of pictures and carried the baby turtle to creek. It was too hot outside to let thet petit creature walk by itself. It would be dehydrated. I let it go in the grass very close to the water. I hope it will be ok.
Guess what I did after I made the final strokes and signed the mural? Yes, I painted about 4 hours more, because I added more fish.
Welcome to life!