New mural "St. Johns River"
2022. Mural 10’/19.5’ (3m/6.5m)
There is always a story behind the mural.
That one was absolutely special from many reasons.
I painted this mural on the patio right above the St. Johns River.
It was happy and scary at the same time. I should paint the wooden wall next to the pool. The space between the wall and the pool edge was less than 2 feet. I had to work on the ladder in this narrow space.
Fortunately, I didn’t fall in the pool.
For the idea of that mural I used the view from the clients’’ pier. When Nancy told me that cypress trees look exactly like cypresses in their backyard, I was absolutely happy.
I like to paint the view in as realistic a way as possible. But at the same time I don’t want to make that look like a photo. Because our area is looking at photos like a lot of green lives and brown tree trunks.
In real nature we cannot see a bird nest. It will be hidden between branches on the top of the tree. Bird’s nests bring us so many positive emotions! I wanted to paint one. It turned out to be so cute. I am smiling every time I think about this.
Painting wildlife murals requires a lot of research. I studied about manatees' and wild birds' life, and their habits in their natural habitat.
The wildlife is absolutely amazing!