New mural
2022. Mural
Every time I finish a mural I ask myself.
 Did I paint that? Was it really me? How?
Of course I know it was me. When I try to get out of bed the next morning after 10-12 hours painting, my body screams. But I know the secret. I need 2 cups of coffee and start to paint.
Couple hours later I will forget all inconvenience and tiredness.
When I paint only part of my present in my body. Most of me is inside the world that I paint.
Sometimes I am not able to catch the flow. It makes work extremely difficult. This is the main reason why I am avoiding big parties, alcohol, and loud music. Anything that can destroy my painting shape.
I like kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking.
Painting is the sense of my life. I lost so much time of my life before I found it, so now I am in a hurry to paint as much as possible.