Seals are birds underwater.
2022. Mural 10’/7’ (3m/2m)
Seals are amazing creatures.
They are like birds underwater...
That mural I made in September 2022 in Deltona, Volusia county, Fl.
Work in progress.
Every time at the beginning of a new project I am scared.

Fortunately I know the secret. Fear is a gate for happiness. It is normal to be scared of something new.

When I start painting my mind concentrates on work and I forget about fear.
I was able to finish the painting before the hurricane.
When I have to stop my work before it is complete I feel anxious. The part of my mind stays with a painting. It drains a lot of energy.
I think it happens, because my paintings are like portals. When I paint I physically feel myself into the world of the painting.
This mural is finished. I am in our reality again.