It was a huge job!
2022. Mural 11’/24’ (3.8m/8m)
First challenge was to make a sketch.
Rick Ewart is the owner of the place. He used to be a park ranger in Blue Springs. Also Rick has an education in art criticism. I was so afraid to paint for him.
I should show at the same time the cave where springs are beginning and the place where the creek connects with St. John’s river. In reality we can’t see all that at the same time. But somehow I managed to paint this.
The mural contains a lot of details that must be drawn absolutely precisely. Professional way to reach this level of accuracy is to use the projector.
But the wall is outside. I tried to start working at 5 am, but at 6 am I had to stop because of sunlight. So I had to work in the night.
This steam powered paddle boat was my biggest fear.
History painting means that all details should be painted exactly. Also it means I had zero good photos.
I looked it up on the internet and at a museum. Finally I found the engraving in one private collection. I could see the details!
Hunting for photos.
 I believe that the Blue Springs area has its own spirit. Since I started to paint the mural I feel like an amazing Power guides me. 
Local animals and birds are coming so close! I was able to take lots of good photos which I use now for my painting ideas.

But the most amazing was the manatee.

Manatee came right to my kayak and played like a puppy.

I took a lot of pictures. I mean a Lot. I could see every detail.

What really upset me is the amount of scars on the skin. Manatees can’t avoid a meeting with boats quickly enough. But I didn’t recognise how badly people harm them.
Also I asked the park ranger about that kind manatee's behavior. I'm sure it is very important to know for everyone.
Manatees act like playful puppies not because they want to play. They don’t turn their belly to us to pet it. They are not pets. Manatees are wild animals.
They act that way when they are in stress. Or if that animal spent a lot of time with people. Usually after injury.
In both cases the best way for manatees will be if we leave them alone.
It is safer for wild animals to stay away from people.

My work place looks more like a construction zone.

After the picture is half painted, artists have to often step aside and look at the painting from a distance. Which means I have to climb up and down every 4-5 minutes.
Suddenly I remember that I liked to climb the trees and ladders when I was a child. It drove my parents crazy. Also I wanted to protect the animals. I guess my childhood dreams came true. Just a little bit later))
Work starts and ends the same way- with the spray gun. Only in the beginning I sprayed with the primer and in the end with the clear coat.
Painting this huge work took me more time than I planned. One reason it happened was because of the weather.We have extremely hot midday temperature and rainy afternoons. Second reason is that I added more animals and birds. Rick asked me to paint deers, eagles and raccoons that were not in the original sketch. Also I added the owl and otter myself, because it was a good place for them.
When the mural was finished, I couldn ’t believe I made it myself. I feel more like I was a channel for energy. This idea to choose me as a tool to be realized. I am grateful to the universe for this opportunity.