Serenity in Italy

2023 Mural for an Italian restaurant in Mt. Dora. 8 feet/4 feet (2,5m/1,2 m)

We love Natasha Callahan!

These two amazing paintings are called “Serenity in Italy” and are hung up at Vincent’s! As a community-focused establishment, we believe in supporting local artists and promoting their work. We love to see our walls adorned with unique pieces that add character and personality to our space.

So, come on out and feast your eyes on these stunning paintings while you enjoy a delicious meal. Thank you to Natasha Callahan who created these beautiful pieces - we're honored to display your work! And thank you to all of our amazing customers for supporting local businesses and artists. We couldn't do it without you!
Vinny Essa
the owner of Vincent's Restaurant Inc
Just finished 2 customer size paintings for an Italian restaurant in Mt. Dora.
This project idea started from murals, but we decided to do it on canvas instead of wall. I had to build special frames 8 feet/4 feet (2,5m/1,2 m) each.
This size also created a challenge for the work space. My studio is too small for that huge canvas. It was too small even for one of them. I could barely fit between these two canvases.  I had to paint both at the same time to make it look alike.
I had to move paintings on the patio deck.
It is Florida. Temperature outside was over 90° (33°C). I painted until late at night.

Last day of work on this project we got rain cats and dogs. Luckily I almost finished by that time.  I had to do the last 3 hours of work in the studio. To cheer my spirit I imagined myself as a tourist in Italy. It was fun.